Bedroom djent

I can’t stop shitting and pissing in my pants

Plz the situation the past few days has got me shitting farding and cumming in my pants. I feel the need to let everyone around me know just how soiled my undergarments are at the moment. Today I was in my lecture hall and just spontaneously unloaded in my pants while bawling my eyes out. I was very shocked when the professor wouldn’t personally come change my diaper upon request. I go home and start absolutely destroying everything I own because I’m so scared. The damage done to my brain and psyche has absolutely obliterated it- reduced to atoms. And my designer underwear and gucci pants daddy bought me will never be the same. I am shaking and i cannot stop crying. It’s been days and I’ve just been crying nonstop, tears leaking out my eyes, shit and piss leaking out of my ass. When will it stop

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