Travis Insanity Mix- Djent Djent, Sinus & The Walk by Travis Orbin – Periphery – Cyclamen 5GS 99%

Woah run here!
Also 8:07


The Roland gears that im using are:
Module: TD-17
Snare: PDX-125BK
Toms: PDX-100
Hi-Hat: VH-11
Ride: CY13R
Crash 1: CY-12C
Crash 2: CY12R/C
Kickpads: KD-120


Trick Dominators Pedals (Demon Drive Beaters)
Pro Mark TX5AN Drum Sticks
Mad Catz Midi Pro Adapter
Xbox 360
Lazmin 112 HD Cap Card:


My HD video list, if you’re looking for a specific song uploaded on my channel:

My Custom Songs:

Thanks for watching everyone 😉

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