SWOLA92 DJUNKT IT – DJENT MEET FUNK -L’ Incroyable Nero – Sunday with Ola92 #SWOLA92 SWOLA#92

With a nice touch of Hip Hop for the Salty touch
So here is my piece of Djunkt

Always Loved Hip Hop and when Metal Funk and Rap collide , if you too have a look at 24-7 Spyz a band I consider one of the best band , no matter what genre .

Used and Abused :
– Sterling JP 157
-Yamaha RBX 375
– Focusrite Scarlet solo
– Logic Prox 10.5 cause I’m afraid of updating to 10.7
– Neural DSP archetype Petrucci guitar
– The old logic integrated bass plugin I love
– Drums provided by Ola Englund !92

L’ Incroyable Nero is sponsored by Grass . Like to smoke it or like to mow it, Gangsta or Papa, the greener the better .

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