Michael Sacamos feat. @Julie Anne San Jose – Better (Pop Djent Version) GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

#MIchaelSacamosParody #MSPxMyJaps #MSPAko

This #Super #Special #Celebrity #Best #Epic #Trending #Viral #BackToBack #Original #OPM #Djent #DjentMetal #ProgressiveMetal #ProgressiveRock #Metalcore #Metal #Dubstep #Remix #Music #Musical treat. Written by @Julie Anne San Jose and Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Edited, Produced and Performed by Asia’s First Legendary Grandmaster and “The MSP” himself, Michael Sacamos with their 2020 hit “Better” under The “MSP” Productions ©, The “MSP” Records © and The “MSP” Company ©. This unofficial collaboration official audio with the Asia’s Limitless Star and “My Japs” herself in one Fan Made/Fan Version on my own Guitar Playthrough called “Better” (Pop Djent Version)

Music Credits:

The rock version of @Universal Records Philippines’s hit single, “Better” is written by Julie Anne San Jose and arranged by @Marcus Davis, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, edited, produced and performed by Michael Sacamos, additional musical instruments played by Michael Sacamos under Universal Records ©.

Used in the song:

Blue Colored Michael Sacamos’s Signature @washburntv Guitars X22 22 fret 6 string guitar tuned by Bb F Bb Eb G C
ADI SW-400CEMBK Acoustic Guitar as a Bass tuned by Bb F Bb Eb then octave by @BandLab
Drums by @Kolb Apps – Real Drum Official Channel
Isolated Vocals by EditYourAudio.com
Sound Effects by @YouTube
Music Edited by BandLab.
Photo Edited by @Picsart

#SupportOPM like no other and “MSP” AKO mga Ka-MSP at MSP-ers!!! 😀

⚠️ Disclaimer:

➡️ All rights belong to the Julie Anne San Jose and Universal Records. I am not an claimant.


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