Dark Djent / Prog Metal Drum Track 100 BPM

Heavy djent metal drum track recorded at 100 beats per minute.
Listen On Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5bgvIuUGXuT751CXoO9506
Metal Drum Tracks / Metal Drums – https://infinitedrumtracks.bandcamp.com

Perfect to use as a metronome / isolated metal drums to play along to, practice guitar / bass guitar, or bring into your DAW to create your own song if you need instrumental drums only.

Metal Drum Tracks – https://infinitedrumtracks.bandcamp.com
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This modern progressive metal drum beat is (Track ID-728) in the Bandcamp Collection.

Download The Tracks:
Bandcamp (Best Quality, Best Value)

Just go the my album labeled “Free Tracks” and enter “0” for the price during checkout. On Bandcamp you can also download the “Complete Collection” where you can download all of my drum tracks and drum loops for one low price.

Bandcamp offers the best quality available with high quality formats like WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc. You can buy the entire collection for one low price, or you can buy an individual track that you like. You can also find my tracks and loops on most major online music services.

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