DJENT WITH MOOER015 and Digitech Grunge (Audio only)

This is an Original Composition
An attempt to get a #Djent tone with #Mooer015 and #DigiTechGrunge.

The Story behind INEVITABLE:-
I was skeptic about the fact that a 17-year-old pedal (Grunge), not sure it would work or not but I got it back from a student of mine whom I had sold the pedal for 2k(Rs). I plugged it into a 12v power supply with the guitar cables already an emphatic umph and to my shining confidence, it stuck to its expectations.
Yeah, a grunge pedal and 12v PS, some dumb guitar player who seems to know not much about guitar pedals, trying to play Djent literally, with an Ancient Pedal, a cheap Chinese pedal and a stock noise gate plugin during the time of a pandemic.
Yeah, the pedal worked when I plugged it to a 9v PS, lol, and in the signal chain I hooked it up to a Mooer 015 preamp (i.e. the #BrownSound ?!!). The outcome is what you hear.
This track was composed and recorded(the home studio that is) in a time span of 3 hrs. Yeah, you got to be shitting me right. Yeah, 3 hours. If you were a Disney character, you would understand.
Now, I chugged as hard as I could to get them guitar strings wail, and to my shining confidence, it did. The ambient sounds and the glitch effects are just the tingles under your tongue.

So, if you have come this far, let me know in the comments section if you liked it or not. Was it too hot to just the usual bore? And if you did recommend it to someone who may or may not like it.

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