Hotone Ampero – Djent/Metal SOUND TEST + Free IR

(ENG) Hotone Ampero sound test after update to firmware V3.8. Recording without mix and mastering to show how it’s sound straight from the effect.
(PL) Test brzmienia Hotone Ampero po update do nowego firmware V3.8. Nagranie bez miksu i masteringu, aby pokazać brzmienie prosto z efektu.

00:00 – Sound Test
01:30 – Patch Timecode
01:40 – Bonus Clip

► Free IR: http://bit.ly/GRYTU_FreeIR
► TABS: http://bit.ly/GRYTU_TABS
► Record & Edit: GRYTU

Recording Gear:
► GUITAR: Schecter Banshee-7 Passive
STRINGS: D’addario 10-46 + 59
TUNING: F# C# F# B E G# C#
► DAW: Reaper (No post EQ)

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