LoFiCore | Hiphop/LoFi with Metal/Djent 8 String Guitar Riff | inspired by Ichika Nito | Erra

I would call this a style a LoFiCore 😅
I am a fan of Erra and Jesse Cash and after following Ichika Nito for a while a love how they use guitar technique like tapping harmonic | tapping | percussive strumming in their songs. Therefore, I decide to make riff with LoFi | Hiphop beat on 8 string guitar. The riff are also influence by metal / djent style.

Tosin Abasi guitar signature TAM10 is really fun to play around.

Guitar: Ibanez TAM10
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
DAW: Garageband
Plug-in: Sigma II

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