Darkglass ADAM is actually amazing for guitar tones! | Djent Playthrough

Hey all, in this video I showcase the Darkglass Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine Bass pedal, except I’m running a Telecaster through it again! I was messing around with the pedal in my last couple of videos (review coming soon!), and man was I blown away! You can actually get a very decent metal tone with it, and I find myself now using it as my main guitar tone for practicing. The only things I added were a Horizon Devices Nano Attack and some EQ from Softube Console 1. Bass is my Warmoth Gecko 6 with a Darkglass Tone Capsule, running through a Darkglass Hyper Luminal, and then the Darkglass ADAM.

Big thanks to STL Pro Audio for sending me the Darkglass ADAM to check out. Check out their eStore here: https://www.stlproaudio.co.nz/darkglass-electronics-adam-distortion-pedal/

SIGNAL CHAIN: Warmoth Telecaster – Horizon Devices Nano Attack – Line 6 HX Stomp (Gate) – Darkglass ADAM – Focusrite Clarett 8pre – Softube Console 1

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If you have any questions regarding anything mixing/production/instrument related, feel free to drop them as a comment below, and I’ll try to reply to everyone!

– Sony Alpha a6300
– Sigma 16mm f1.4 DC DN Lens
– DaVinci Resolve (free version)

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