Little Nightmares 2 main theme (Metal/Djent)

Hi guys ! Here’s a little story about this game. I’ve played the first one and thought not so much about it, I liked it and that’s all. But then I’ve got hyped by the second game and listened to the OST album before playing it. I’ve finished it now and it was an amazing experience. The 2nd game is really well done and I can’t recommand it more to people who haven’t touched it yet.

Then I decided to do a metal cover of the main theme. I’ve been struggling to find interesting riffages, and it wasn’t in my plans to do djenty stuff, but I guess that’s me now. I like how it turned out though, the 2nd part/end of the song reminds me of something filled with hope (which is definitely NOT what you will find Little Nightmares’ universe)

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Main picture’s artist : https://www.instagram.com/saintesalem/

If you want me to mix/master a project/song, feel free to send me an email at stephane.metgrp@hotmail.fr

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