Songwriting Example 218 (CRAZY HEAVY DJENT) – Collaboration with DeadVectors

Iron Audio Sample Packs

(Drum Samples, Bass Drops, Snare Bombs, Reverse Effects, ONE SHOT Drum Samples)

This song CANNOT be used for your personal project. It is created specifically for the artist/musician/vocalist that hired me to write it. This track cannot be downloaded and re-uploaded to your page, or anywhere else. If you would like a custom created song, please contact me at ironaudiorecordings@gmail.com. Thank you for listening!

About the songwriting service:

I write songs/instrumentals for anybody in need of music. This mainly pertains to vocalists/singers who aren’t in bands, but still want to release music on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, or any other online music distributor. My songwriting could also work for those who want to release physical CD’s, and hope to form a band one day. This could also be a great way to showcase your vocal skills if you are searching for a full band to perform with and need to show potential band members your musical portfolio. This is perfect for anybody that currently can’t find reliable musicians, or can’t seem to find the right collaboration regarding the style of music they wish to create.

I can also write songs for anyone that needs music for their personal projects, such as background music for Instagram/Facebook videos, advertisements for your personal brand, or any other reason you would need custom music created. This could include full songs, short clips for specific videos, or any other ideas you have regarding a musical arrangement. I also have software that allows me to watch video while creating music. So any music can be made matching the content of the video.

About the writing/workflow:

After we finish discussing your project, I will begin to write. During the writing phase, I will be sending clips and updates of the song so you can get a feel for the direction of the music. If you approve of the clips, I will continue writing. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the music that I sent or have a different idea, I will then revise that clip until you fully enjoy it. We will continue this process until the song is fully created.

Ways to tell me the style of music needed:

Sending me videos or songs you want the music to sound like is the best way to show me the style/genre you need This could include YouTube videos, songs on iTunes from artists you enjoy, a guitar riff that you wrote a while ago but never used, a scene from a movie, etc. There’s no shame finding musical inspiration from unique sources, so if you have an idea, tell me! Past clients have frequently sent me a few songs from their favorite band, or in some cases send me 3 different bands and say “combine these styles.” Also, if you have a unique style in mind and have never heard it before, try to describe it as best as possible for me to understand. Written explanations can work just as well as showing me a song in some cases.

What else is included:

All these songs also include mixing/mastering once the writing phase is finished. The final file you will receive will not only be fully written, but also mixed/mastered, and ready to uploaded to online music distributors or sent in to make physical CD’s.

Feel free to message me at any time regarding project ideas. We can also discuss availability and price. I’m frequently attentive to social media, so you can message me on any of my pages. All files will be sent through email, and I’ll give you my personal phone number once a project is started so we can easily communicate throughout the process.


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