[Djent/Heavy Metal] Jay L. B. – Bittersweet Rain


Another music that I created outside my favorite EDM genres, the other one was the “Heavy Heart” which is a piano experimental.

And about my music alias logo, I think I am dropping down my music alias as “Jay L. B.” but it’s still not final. You will know it when I updated it.

And I kinda obsessed with DJENT nowadays, so I created this music and took me couple of days to fnish, because dealing with personal stuffs you know. This is made entirely using FL Studio…

YES, a DJENT/METAL music created using FL STUDIO. I don’t have any physical instruments like a simple guitar or even a keyboard because I’m just a poor guy, all I have is a single-core prosessing computer and ears to create music. But I do hope I could provide one musical instrument for myself, I really hope so.

And back to FL Studio, I used FL Slayer for the guitars, the rhythm, the main lead and the secondary lead guitars. I really modified these Slayers to give them a semi (at least) realistic sound and EQing them for the quality. Drums are individually imported, modified their volumes and panned, to give them a realistic feel to the track.

So there you go, I hope you like my DJENT (or DUH-jent) music, heheh^^

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2018 Jhamar L. B. [Jay]

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